Micah  -  Memories | Thank you again so so much! It's one thing to host a fun workshop, but to invite us into your home and create such a beautiful atmosphere and help foster memories, that is so special! We were blessed to be there!
Stacey  -  Family and Senior  | Thanks for the photos. They turned out great.
Marli  -  Fun |  Such a fun second shoot! Love my photos!!!
Pam   -  Inspirational  |  Becca, your work is fresh and inspirational. It was a delight watching you in action. Ellie was so comfortable with you and you have a knack of catching a beautiful moment on film. Thank you for a fun day we all shared together.
Kendra  -  Fabulous   Looking at the pictures of the girls, these are fabulous! Thank you so much for doing this. I've been putting off their portraits forever. 
Jenae  - Giggles  I have got so many comments on our family photos. They turned out great and captured each one of us. You did an amazing job!
Pam - Captured |  Thank you so very much for Monique's stunning graduation photos. They are truly breathtaking!! You captured Monique's heart and beauty perfectly. You are one amazing photographer. 
Gracie - Senior  |  You're SO good. Just went on a rampage looking at your photos.
Sabrina - Support!  |  Your work is FANTASTIC!!! I'm so proud of you!
Anna - ART  |  Your photographs take my breath away. SO incredible.
Ryan  - Talent  |   Becca, you are extremely talented. Keep up the great work.
Brandon - First Wedding   We were blessed to have you take our wedding photos which turned out awesome!
Heather  -  Friend  |   Becca, You have done an AMAZING job with your photography. Simply, AMAZING! 

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