Art has taken me on wonderful journeys. Journeys to meeting individuals that make this world a better place. The hardships, the joy, the life changing moments make us who we are. Art is nothing without emotion. Who we are, is what creates art. Your story defines my work. My name is Rebecca and I document real stories. 


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I have the pleasure of meeting and gathering all the dreams of young graduating seniors just in one photo. I receive V.I.P. passes to couples love story. Taking trips into their journey, documenting their Engagement, their "I do's", and their celebration of years marked on their Anniversaries. Magical moments that will be cherished in albums, hallways, and frames when their child is born or their family is complete. Giving the encouragement of empowerment in feeling beautiful and strong as they are themselves in front of the camera during their Boudoir. Taking a looking glass to someones Brand creating a true understanding of the roots of ones lifestyle. Traveling the states, seeing new perspectives, living life through the eyes of Hipcamp


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